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His one blow,
hurt her olfactory nerves.

And she lost
her ability to smell again.

He brought her flowers,
but to her they seemed dead.

He gifted her perfume,
but how could she wear?

His few seconds pleasure,
ruined her life for ever.

He called it an accident,
but she was dying everyday.

I hope you always smile

I always try to make you smile.

I’m sorry for those times when I get angry,

I’m sorry that sometimes I get frustrated,

But trust me it’s the past that’s haunting me.

These are the times when I want you near with me,

These are the moments I hope you give me shoulder to lean on.

And oh! How I wish you could see the pain behind my eyes,

And the bruises behind my smile.

But you prefer to leave me alone, on my own, to cry for hope.

Let me Forget You

I was sitting in front of you with my friend and you too were sitting with some girl. We all were doing something, as there was no teacher in class.

I made a pony tail, I turned and made a pose to show you my hair. As usual you saw but you didn’t say anything and again started doodling in your book. I stick my tongue out and made a face at you. After sometime I again turned with a different pose, to show you my hair. This time you tapped your pencil on your book and said, ‘It’s looking stupid’

The bell rang and a teacher came to class, she asked to name any 4 districts of Kerala. I turned to you and you just smirk looking at me. So I raised my hand, then I walked and stood next to you, because teacher was still facing the students at back. I put my hand on your shoulder and started answering 1) Kannur *squeezed your shoulder* 2) Ernakulam *squeezed your shoulder* 3) Munnar *squeezed your shoulder* and you just kept on smiling looking at your book. But when I said the 4th name, the teacher wronged it. And so I looked at you for help and you said ‘I’ve never heard that name before’ and I glared at you ‘no you’re lying’. I know you love to tease me and I realized you’re not gonna help me, so I changed my 4th answer and said 4) Thrissur.

I got back to my desk angrily, but this time I switched place so I don’t have to sit in front of you. As the teacher left everyone started talking again. I was talking my friend, when this girl walked towards me, she took my hands in her and asked me that why I put my hand on your shoulder? I replied that I did so because you are from Kerala. That girl glared at me, said something and walked away.

I think she likes you. But I like you too. But she’s much better. Maybe I should give up trying. Maybe I should stop dreaming about you. Maybe I should forget about you. But how to do that? I don’t think I can do that. I miss you everyday.


It happened about three years ago. It was a good day. Sun was shining. And her innocence was blushing. He smiled whenever he looked at her. And she; well she smiled at every little thing that comes her way. She was always beaming like a little kid. They were smiling but were they really happy?

There came a black cloud out of nowhere. The wind; it refused to blow. The Sun; it hid somewhere far in the west. The innocence; it was all gone. There was only rage on his face. She was nowhere to be seen.

Well he couldn’t bear it when she shared the same smile with anyone else, because she was his possession.

It Seems to End

You made a fool of me,
You left our song unsung.
Well, it was fun for you,
But now read the story from my point of view.

You can take our photo off the wall,
You proved the colours were all wrong.
I still miss our song,
But you decided not to sing along.

The truth is, you’re gone.
The game you started, you’ve won.
But that last kiss is still on my pillow,
And the memories we made will everglow.

Paint the Sky

‘D-dad…’ he spoke scared.

‘Yes, son?’ his father replied smiling.

‘Can I say something?’

‘Anything son. Today is your day’ his father embraced him in a tight hug ‘96% I’m so proud of you’ he nodded weakly.

‘Dad I don’t want to g-go for E-eng-engineering’ his father glared at him ‘Dad I always dreamed of playing with colo-…’ but before he could finish…

*slap* ‘Dad I-…’ *slap* ‘Dad sorry’

And with that a dream shattered. A kid’s wish was buried inside him. He could only look at the sky but never could paint the sky with his imagination.