Hey, Mr Teddy

‘Hey baby, look what I got for you’
Johnna screamed and ran to hug John who has returned home after five long months.
‘Oh my God John it’s so cute. I love it. Hey Mr Teddy’ Johnna giggled like a kid while hugging John and the teddy bear.

At night–

‘John! You’re hurting me. Stop!’ Johnna mumbled half asleep.
‘Why stop princess?!’ A heavy voice replied, taking hold of Johnna’a hand.

Afraid, Johnna tried to get out of bed but the hands wrapped around her small waist and pulled her back to bed again.

‘W-who are y-you?!’ Johnna’s cries filled the room making her voice hardly audible.
‘I’m your Mr Teddy, baby. Come closer, I promise I won’t harm you if you promise to be daddy’s good little girl’ Johnna fell to the floor in a failed attempt to run. Mr Teddy slapped her right across her face.
‘W-where is J-John? Pl-please take me to h-him’
‘Oh babe don’t worry he’s all safe in heaven. And you’ll get the news in 3…2…’ Johnna’s phone started ringing and Mr Teddy motioned her to receive it.

‘H-hello… Yes that’s m-me…’ Johnna tried to speak in between her heavy sobs.
‘Don’t cry or I’ll beat the daylight out of you. Now answer what they ask like a good girl’ Mr Teddy threatened her taking hold of her hairs making her scream out in pain.
‘Y-yes o-officer I’m John’s wife… What?!’ Johnna couldn’t hold back her tears this time.

‘No you’re lying’ *sobs* ‘How he can be dead 3 days ago… H-he was here yes-terday’ * sobs* ‘He told me he l-love me. T-this can’t be true’ The sound of broken phone screen and her cries filled the room.

‘Now obey my orders my darling Princess’ Mr Teddy smirked taking hold of Johnna’s vulnerable figure and leading her to bed.


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